Delta Shield

Elastomeric Modified Rubber Bitumen Waterproofing & Protective Coating

Karachi Gymkhana was founded in 1886 exclusively for its members. It is specifically rated as one of the largest club in Asia in view of its membership and sports facilities. Our Product DELTA SHIELD has been used to waterproof the Club Car parking construction works.
Founded in 1967 and specializing in high grade cast and machined axle components, Rastgar Engineering Co. Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer of bespoke parts for the automobile industry. The manufacturing facility is located in I-9/3 Islamabad. The waterproofing on foundry roof is DELTA SHIELD.
Shifa International hospital is established to provide the highest quality of medical care to the people of Pakistan in Islamabad. The hospital started functioning on June 26, 1993.The construction works to expand the facility continued side by side. Certain blocks are still under construction. Our Product DELTA SHIELD is used on floors and roofs in new construction and building maintenance works.
  • 4 Field Battalion Nisar Camp Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir
  • Army Welfare Housing Scheme Rawalpindi Pakistan
  • Al Noor Shadi Hall Kamoki   Pakistan
  • BHP Billiton Islamabad  Pakistan
  • Basement of Hanif Sheikh, Phase 6, DHA, Islamabad  Pakistan
  • Basement of Yaminuddin Sheikh, Phase 8, DHA, Karachi Pakistan
  • Chawla International, Urea & Rice Storage Godown Complex Karachi Pakistan
  • CIDA Program Support Unit G-6/4 Islamabad Pakistan
  • Defence services Officers Mess(Desom) Girja Chowk Lahore Pakistan
  • EBCO Underground Ware House, Korangi, Karachi Pakistan
  • Eden City Houses opposite International Airport Lahore Pakistan
  • Faysal Bank Blue Area Islamabad Pakistan
  • Foundation House National Police Foundation Islamabad Pakistan
  • Ghazi Brothers Underground Ware House, Korangi, Karachi  Pakistan
  • Jamia Islamia Masjid, Daran Nar Kotli  Azad Kashmir
  • Lake City Site office Building Raiwind Lahore  Pakistan
  • Metro Security Offices (Roofs), Nursery, PECHS Karachi  Pakistan
  • National Food Ltd, Port Qasim Ware House Roofs Karachi  Pakistan
  • Residence of Ex. Federal Minister For Production F-7/2 Islamabad  Pakistan
  • Residence of Mr. Shahid Rasheed Butt,The honorary Council General of Ghana   Islamabad  Pakistan
  • Residence of Head of Chancery Embassy of Germany F-6/3 Karachi Pakistan
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals Head Office Roofs, Nursery, Karachi  Pakistan
  • Roof Garden, Residence of Mr. M. Najam Bilal, Consultant,
    House #12, Creek Lane #1, DHA Karachi  Pakistan
  • Sapphire Textile Roofs Hyderabad  Pakistan 
  • Security Printing Press, Bank Note Building Roofs, Karachi  Pakistan
  • Surti Enterprises (Factory Roofs), F. B. Industrial Area, Karachi  Pakistan
  • Surti Enterprises (Factory Roofs), Korangi, Karachi  Pakistan
  • Shamshi Builders – Water Reservoir Waterproofing for Hyderaba Water Supply Scheme Hyderabad  Pakistan 
  • Staff Residences Embassy of UAE Islamabad  Pakistan
  • Security Printing Press Karachi  Pakistan
  • Staff houses National Agricultural Research  centre Islamabad  Pakistan